Fix a rotary ball faucet leak

Remove the Handle and Cap
Before proceeding be certain the water to the faucet is shut off at the valve underneath the sink. Using a small screwdrive remove the retaining screw in the base of the handle and lift the handle off. Next unscrew the cap, either by hand or using a pair of adjustable pliers with the ends wrapped in a heavy tape.

Remove the Cam, Seal and Ball
Lift out the Cam, seal and ball and inspect them. You should replace any damaged parts. Replace Valve Seats and Springs Using needle nose pliers or the end of a narrow screwdrive, remove the rubber sets and springs. Pay attention to how they are positioned before they are removed so the replacements can be installed in the same manner. Failing to install the new springs and seats correctly will cause the faucet to work improperly.

Replace O-Rings
Twist the spout and lift it off of the stem. You can roll the o-rings from the stem assembly. If they are stuck in place use a screwdriver to get them free. Be careful not to cut the o-rings as you will need to use them to match for replacements.

Before installing the new o-rings, coat them with petroleum jelly and then roll it onto the assembly.

Reassemble the faucet and test for leaks.

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