How to clean mineral deposits on a faucet

Clean mineral deposits on a faucet with these easy steps. Over time crusty white mineral deposits will build up on bathroom and kitchen faucets and around sink drains. But don’t worry, there’s no need to replace your faucet. These unsightly mineral deposits can be easily removed  with just a little work. When you are done  your faucet and drain will look like new.

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Hands free faucet

If you’ve been impressed with the automatic faucets in public restrooms, you can get the same convenience at home.

The EZFaucet can attach to your existing faucet and is turned on or off when an infrared sensor detects movement.

EZFaucet claims you can save up to 70% on water usage due to the reduction in water use when people are soaping up, lathering and drying their hands.