Understanding faucet prices

Faucet prices are all over the place and it can be puzzling to look at the array of faucets in a plumbing store or catalog and try to pick out the best one. Faucet prices may be all over the place, but there is a reason for that. Although many faucets look alike, they’re not created equal on the inside. Faucets made of better materials, such as copper or brass, will carry a higher price. But they also offer better performance and a longer life.

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Test water for lead in your home

It is possible there is lead in your water supply, in which case you will want to learn how to test water for lead in your home. Lead can get into the water supply due to the poor quality of water pipes, kitchen or bathroom fixtures or from the pipes that connect a house to the main waterline. It’s important to note that exposure to lead in drinking water has declined significantly in the last two decades due to implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act and the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule.

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What type of plunger should I buy?

If you’re considering doing home plumbing repairs on your shower or sink, eventually you may need a plunger. There are several types of plungers on the market, so eventually the question arises, “What type of plunger should I buy?” It’s important to have the right tool for the job and we’ve explained the different types of plungers below.

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Faucet manufacturers 2017 for North America

We’ve updated our list of faucet manufacturers supplying the United States and North America for 2017. Many of these faucet manufacturers will be available at major home supply stores. Local plumbing suppliers can also help you buy these faucets. You may also be able to buy directly from the manufacturer or from online sources.
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